Curbside Pickup

VYTAL OPTIONS Harrisburg is happy to offer CURBSIDE PICKUP for online orders by current patients or caregivers.

If you are new to VYTAL OPTIONS Harrisburg, your first visit must be in-store and you must register with a Patient Intake Form.

Curbside Pickup Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 11AM – 5:30PM.

To participate in our CURBSIDE PICKUP Program:

  1. Place your order through the VYTAL OPTIONS Harrisburg Menu and add CURBSIDE to the ORDER NOTES section.
  2. When your online order is fulfilled, we’ll send you a text message with a link to our CURBSIDE PICKUP scheduling page.
  3. Schedule a time that is convenient for you.

VYTAL OPTIONS Harrisburg has designated 3 CURBSIDE PICKUP parking spaces on the south side of the parking lot (next to the Accessible Parking spaces).

  1. Please arrive promptly at your chosen time.
  2. Upon arrival, patients are to park in one of these three designated CURBSIDE PICKUP spaces.
  3. A Wellness Associate will meet you at your vehicle.

Automobile orientation is important. If the patient is the driver, park with the front of the vehicle facing the curb. If the patient is the passenger, park with the rear of the vehicle facing the curb. In either case, the patient must be on the side of the vehicle nearest to the building.


Patient is the driver.


Patient is the passenger.