About Us

VYTAL [noun]

vy•tal | vīdL

a: of the utmost importance

b: concerned with or necessary to the maintenance of life

OPTION [noun]

op•tion | op-shuhn

a: the power or right to choose

b: something that may be chosen

Your Medical Marijuana journey is personal. Your qualifying condition, your product preferences, your dosage requirements – are all personal. Therefore, we promise to offer you meticulously chosen products of the highest quality and to consult you through a selection process that is personalized for your specific needs.

We believe in research

We believe in education

We believe in compassion

We believe in informed decision making

We believe every individual deserves tailored care

We believe that choices are important to your quality of life 

We believe your OPTIONS are VYTAL

Our Mission

Vytal Options will be the preferred provider of medical marijuana to approved and qualified patients. Our team is committed to providing products of the highest quality, supported by research with top universities and delivereed with an unmatched level of service and professionalism.

Our Vision

Vytal Options will be the role model in the U.S. for medical marijuana dispensaries and research backed medical marijuana products.

Our Promise

Vytal Options and our dispensary staff will always provide our patients with quality products. You'll feel safe in knowing that you are getting the best products for treating your conditions and when visiting any of our dispensaries an inviting and healing experience.

Your Health

Our research backed medical marijuana products enable us to recommend products to treat specific conditions. Your health and well being, and the betterment of our patients lives is what drives us.